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Letter: Ramirez’s depiction of Obama is terrible

Ramirez’s depiction of Obama is terrible

It’s easy to see that Michael Ramirez dislikes everything about President Obama. But what I find most disturbing is his artwork. Is that pencil-thin caricature supposed to be a face? Are those two giant rings, sticking out of what might be a neck, ears? The nostrils of the image flare out on both sides, there are no eyes or hair, and only two bushy things that I assume are eyebrows. It’s helpful that he always labels his creation Obama, because without that, no one would guess it’s even human.

I’m curious: What does Ramirez see when he looks at his own image in the morning mirror? I’ve seen some of his other drawings and I can say they do resemble their target, so why such a second-grade picture of our president?

On reflection, my apologies go out to all second-grade art students, who I’m sure could do a much better job. I can only think that his political acumen is no doubt as sharp as his drawing skills.

David Spencer