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Letter: Police officers have right to shoot first

Police officers have right to shoot first

A recent letter writer insinuates that police are protected by the laws of the land (including rogue) without justification or consequence.

No, this is not the Old West. Yes, police officers take an oath, are paid to serve and protect all humanity and have the training to make a choice in the matter of a split second if deemed necessary. But a decision to shoot first to protect the public or themselves is their right!

So long as humanity exists, good and bad will always be present. In a bushel of apples, you’re bound to find a bad one – does that make them all bad?

Until the writer is faced with a life-altering decision (which I hope he never is) please do not refer to or compare any law enforcement officer to the fictitious Matt Dillon, who had writers play out his day.

As long as my husband is a police officer, I pray that he comes home unharmed and that his day has gone without having to make that decision. But should the day come, I would rather see him tried by 12 than carried by six because he waited for someone to shoot first.

Georgianna Davis