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Letter: Parents need to teach kids to obey our laws

Parents need to teach kids to obey our laws

Once again, there’s a good excuse for the punks to raise hell. They have nothing better to do. I’m referring to Baltimore this time. I’m saddened that there has been yet another tragedy – the death of a man restrained by police.

Almost every case so far involves a crime committed by the “victim” – a robbery, a weapon, trespassing and all the other stuff. Cops (white, black, whatever) do the best they can with these punks.

How about teaching kids and young adults to stay out of trouble at a young age to avoid these situations? Protest in a positive way on that.

Why can’t we all get along? It starts with teaching kids not to be punks and not supporting them when they threaten cops and cause trouble. That goes for everyone, no matter what color.

Many of these protests encourage these young people to think that they can’t get in trouble because the race card will protect them later. Martin Luther King Jr. would be disgusted.

Paul Miller