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Letter: Death is too easy for Boston bomber

Death is too easy for Boston bomber

The article in The News regarding the sentencing of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev probably has caused deep contemplation among readers. I, for one, feel that he should not be put to death. Rather, keep him alive and make his life worse than death.

This could be achieved by keeping him in a small cell with no exercise privileges and feeding him just enough sustenance to keep him alive and never feel satiated. Of course, he would not be allowed any contract with the outer world. (There may be legalities involved with this, but I’m sure there are ways to twist the law.)

I have a feeling that, in different wars, we had prisoners of war who were subjected to these conditions, and worse.

Being vindictive is not my choice, but the heart-rending story of Martin Richard and his family needs more than just sympathy.

Amy Zeckhauser