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Letters for April 26

Tanking the season backfires on Sabres

Just when you have given up hope, it appears there is justice in the world after all. The Sabres were duly rewarded for their disgusting tanking of the season by not receiving the No. 1 pick in the coming draft. Better luck next year - again.

George Wojciechowski


Eichel may turn out to be the better choice

I would like to see a campaign started around the theme, “I like Eichel,” with buttons and bumper stickers. I actually think we got the best choice. He looks like the better skater and some of his highlight moves are incredible.

I can’t believe Murray’s poor reaction to the lottery and the possible effect on the guy who can lead the Sabres back from the dead.

Dick Mauer


Murray’s lottery reaction shows he needs PR work

Time will tell if Tim Murray has what it takes to be a successful GM. But when the 18-year-old presumed draftee shows more class than the purported savior GM over the way the lottery played out, I’d call that a red flag.

At the very least, Murray could use a lesson or two on public relations.

Edward Wright


Murray’s thoughts can now turn elsewhere

As a Buffalo native who has followed the local hockey scene since the days of the Buffalo Bisons with their Pepsi bottle cap logo and through to the awarding of an NHL franchise, the French Connection, the good teams and bad and on to the present, I was delighted that the Sabres failed to get the No. 1 pick in the 2015 draft.

Sounds strange? Well, call it justice or a form of Karma but I think that a management that designs a team to lose under the guise of “building for the future” and a small fan base that dishonors players such as “The Connection” by cheering for the opposition while wearing that team’s colors has got what it deserves – if not what it wanted.

I wish Jack Eichel luck and hope he is not bothered that management had to settle for him. Maybe now Tim Murray can begin to think of something else.

Paul Zaremba


Family grateful for Corey tribute

I would like to thank The Buffalo News and specifically Jerry Sullivan for his recent tribute for my late husband, Joseph Corey.

For those who had the privilege of knowing him as well those who never met him, the piece captured everything that he was about. Although basketball forged many of the relationships that he made, family was his foundation.

In addition, the support I have received from the community, our family and friends has been outstanding during this difficult time. We will miss him dearly, however this article will always remain as a constant reminder of his legacy.

Elaine Corey

West Seneca

It’s easy to remember what UB stands for

The State University of New York at Buffalo is exactly that. The University is located in Buffalo and should be acknowledged as that. The sports fans, current students and us alumni refer to this university as the University at Buffalo. Period.

The hat that I wear to Bulls football games has a letter U and a letter B on it, and we all know what that stands for.

Raymond Vargo


Offensive line should be Bills’ first draft need

The Bills did an exemplary job restocking their roster this offseason. However, for Greg Roman’s power running scheme to be successful, a strong run-blocking guard is necessary.

The top two guards who fit this criteria and could be available to Buffalo in the second round of Friday’s draft are Laken Tomlinson of Duke and South Carolina’s A.J. Cann. If both are gone, other possibilities include Ali Marpet, Josue Matias and Jeremiah Poutasi. If Rex Ryan prefers to move Cordy Glenn to guard, then add tackles Jake Fisher of Oregon and Penn State’s Donovan Smith to the mix. Our second-round pick should come from one of these seven guys.

The Bills’ rushing offense ranked 27th in the NFL last year. Since this is a below-average quarterback draft and considering Richie Incognito will be 32 this year, don’t be surprised if the Bills use the first two selections on offensive linemen. I know they are not sexy picks, but the grunts will do the work in the trenches so that McCoy, Watkins, Harvin and Clay can shine.

Dennis Weber


Sr. Maria going to Villa for love of the game

We will probably never know the underlying reason for the release of Sister Maria from her coaching duties at Sacred Heart Academy, but one thing we do know is that her basketball legacy will continue on now that she has been chosen as an assistant basketball coach at Villa Maria College.

For Sister Maria to take a subordinate position like this must have been a hard pill to swallow. Yet, imagine how much she must love the game to return, regardless of the position offered her. Good luck Sister Maria and to Villa Maria College basketball in 2015-16 and beyond.

Matt Derr


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