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Letter: Removing memorial marker further hurts grieving family

Removing memorial marker further hurts grieving family

Our family has recently suffered an indignity on top of a tragedy. We lost a family member due to the November storm. He died in his car on Innsbruck Drive because nobody bothered to look for him. His brother made a beautiful oak cross and placed it at the site of his death as a memorial to him. It made it through the entire winter, or so we thought. On March 30, my husband drove by the spot to check on it, only to find it missing. Who does that?

After some investigating, he discovered that it was removed by the manager of Trinity Packaging Corp. He was told it was removed so it didn’t get beat up (mind you, the snow was gone). After getting permission from this person, the cross was replaced in the same spot.

This past Sunday, we went back to the cross to cut a bed around it. Surprise – it was missing again. This time the culprit was the Town of Cheektowaga. When asked why, we were told it is illegal for it to be there. Illegal? Really? These crosses can be found everywhere, honoring the people who lost their lives at the spots that they mark. Some have been standing for years. We thought that it would be safe; that nobody would bother something so personal. Boy, were we wrong. It is sickening that Dave was taken from us, and now, so is the marker that we put in place to remember him.

Lori Deneke