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Two possible extensions for MetroRail at Canalside

Two candidates

• South Park Offset: Proposed platform adjacent to DL&W complex along South Park Avenue would minimally affect traffic and allow for future flexibility, though adjustments in Metro Rail operations would be required.

• Lower DL&W Terminal: Extending Metro Rail through river side of lower terminal results in no South Park Avenue impact while stairs and escalators can provide access to potential second-floor development. Operational adjustments required on Yard and Shops lower level.

Rejected alternatives

• South Park Platform: Mid-street boarding area serving inbound and outbound trains would have least impact on existing operations, but significantly affect South Park Avenue vehicular traffic. Concept allows no direct access to DL&W second floor and potential development.

• Through Metro Rail Shops: Running trains directly through lower level of DL&W complex would not affect South Park Avenue but would require costly and impractical relocation of existing maintenance facilities.

• Elevated Approach to DL&W Upper Level: While former boarding platforms already in place might ideally serve a new Metro Rail station, support infrastructure could cost an additional $40 million to $50 million.