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Silver Creek looking into summer programs for children

SILVER CREEK – School and community leaders from the Silver Creek Central School District, the town of Sheridan and villages of Forestville and Silver Creek joined together on Thursday at the school’s board room to talk about possible summer programs for young people.

School Superintendent Daniel Ljiljanich was chairman of the session, which included presentations from leaders who run summer youth programs and sports programs. He said the school district has listened to parents who are seeing a need for children to participate in activities after school ends in June.

Silver Creek Mayor Nick Piccolo said 70 children attended the daylong summer youth recreation program last summer. The program starts in July and runs for six weeks.

There are an additional 80 children in the Town of Sheridan’s half-day program.

The group brought up ideas for drama, music and technology programs. Summer sports camps that target middle-school students also were mentioned as a possibility.

Matt Bogosian, owner of the Backline Teen Center in Silver Creek, said he has programs each Friday evening for pre-teens and has a monthly dance program for teenagers.

Little League programs in Silver Creek are finished by early July, the group was told.

Ljiljanich said the goal this year would be to have a few selections offered and then expand on the program for 2016 if there is enough interest. He provided a list of activities hosted at the school as well as a handout on some other benefits to children participating in activities.

The group will meet again at 2:45 p.m. May 11 at the school. Members were asked to research opportunities for funding and to look into the other costs involved with summer programs.