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Letter: Leave e-cigarette use up to the individual

Leave e-cigarette use up to the individual

Does the government have the right to decide what an adult can do with his body? Historically, the answer was no. In recent years, the answer has been yes. Both federal and state governments have enacted regulations over a multitude of substances, ranging from alcohol and tobacco to marijuana. Recently, electronic cigarettes, or personal nicotine vaporizers, were developed in China. Their growth in popularity has become exponential since 2012. Vaping is used by many as an aid to quit smoking, and by some as an alternative to starting in the first place.

Currently, legislation is before many state legislatures that will decide taxation and regulation of the sale and marketing of these products. Also, the Food and Drug Administration has proposed rules on the federal level regarding sale, marketing and distribution. The City of Buffalo has recently banned vaping indoors entirely, except for private residences. The only legislation currently enacted by the state prohibits the sale of e-cigarettes to minors. The jury is still out on the health effects of using a personal vaporizer in the long term, but is that really the point?

As adults, we are allowed to make all kinds of choices that can make or break our future. Most, such as having a child or buying a house, are not regulated by the government. Why should vaping be any different? Part of being an adult is making your own choices, and bearing the consequences.

Adam Rehard