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Letter: An elected School Board is best for all concerned

An elected School Board is best for all concerned

It is with a tremendous amount of concern that I have observed in the media certain politicos advancing the concept that the mayor of Buffalo should have control of the Board of Education. They either are ignorant of the facts or conveniently forget the reasons why we have an elected School Board at this time.

In the not-too-distant past, the board was appointed by the mayor of Buffalo. There were problems in the areas of nepotism, cronyism, political payola, secret and unpublished board meetings and poor parental and teacher involvement. Do the politicos really want to take that elective power away from the citizens of Buffalo to choose the School Board members they feel best represent their views on the issues, and return to the corruption of the past? Do they feel that they know better than citizens what is good for the schools and their children?

Right now we have an elected Board of Education that represents the citizens. The politicos want one man in control – the mayor. Even with all of the dissension on the board – the infighting, the accusations, the arguments, the different visions on where the schools are heading – I still would trust that open dynamic we have now more than I would trust all the power being given to one man. Even though our mayor is deserving, you never know where that may lead to in the future.

Francis A. Leli