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Gym showoffs do more harm than they think, orthopedic surgeon says

Many of us might be awestruck when we see muscle-bound guys and gals lurching wildly in the gym with big dumbbells and other heavy weights as they further build their arms.

Some of them even have offered advice on proper lifting to Kory Reed.

That would be Dr. Kory Reed, an orthopedic surgeon with Excelsior Orthopaedics in Orchard Park who specializes in hand and shoulder surgery.

What does he think?

He's unimpressed.

"I’ve been counseled by people at the gym, I think inappropriately, on my form, so I never approach anyone at the gym and give them advice. Sometimes I cringe in the worst way, but I say to myself, ‘There’s another patient,’" Reed told me recently during part of a WNY Refresh interview for the In the Field feature, which will appear on Saturday.

"The biggest thing is that you see these young kids who don’t have any shoulder problems, don’t have any issues, and they’re doing a lot of repetitive, high-weight activity with the bar away from their body.

"You want to keep things close. You don’t want to be doing things with exercises way out in space. That’s affecting your shoulders. It’s affecting the muscles in your forearms, in your back. It’s affecting everything in a negative way.

"So lurching, and uncontrolled movements with weight that’s heavier than it should be, is absolutely dangerous, and you’re probably going to end up in someone’s medical office for that."

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