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Deputies find drugs on inmate entering Erie County Holding Center

Deputies working the inmate intake area of the Erie County Holding Center discovered pills and bags concealed in an inmate’s underwear during a search Thursday.

Deputies discovered a clear plastic bag containing four white pills and six small bags of a substance that appeared to be heroin. Deputies performed a more thorough search of the inmate and observed an object partly concealed in inmate Ian Gammack’s rectum. The inmate was ordered to remove the object and it was revealed that it was a syringe.

Narcotics Detection K9 Bili and his handler, Deputy Brian Thompson, were called to complete the search for additional contraband. Although the dog did not find any additional contraband, it indicated a positive alert of narcotic odor on the suspected drugs.

Gammack was transported to Erie County Medical Center for evaluation for possible ingestion of illegal substances and to have an X-ray to determine if he was concealing additional contraband. X-ray results were negative.

Gammack was charged with felony possession of dangerous contraband in prison, criminal possession of a controlled substance and criminal possession of a hypodermic instrument. Gammack also faces Holding Center disciplinary charges.

He is scheduled to appear in Buffalo City Court on May 27.