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Front page April 23, 1915: Teddy Roosevelt takes the stand in Syracuse

Among the stories on the day's front-page:

"T.R. grilled on his acts as governor"

"During the second day of his cross-examination in the Supreme court here today Theodore Roosevelt said that he had regarded William Barnes as a 'sort of Dr. Jeykll and Mr. Hyde, who, like other politicians, had his good sides and his bad sides.'

"The colonel pictured himself as a missionary to politicians, trying to make them do what he considered was right. He said he did not, as suggested by William Ivins, his cross-examiner, try to sever the ligiments between 'these Siamese twins of politics.' Quite on the contrary he declared he endeavored to have the 'Dr. Jekyll' in them absorb the 'Mr. Hyde.' "

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April 23 1915

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