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Broderick, Niagara County sheriff’s lieutenant, running for Lewiston town supervisor

LEWISTON – Steve Broderick, a decorated lieutenant in the Niagara County Sheriff’s Office, has announced he will run for town supervisor in November.

“My roots are here. My home is here. I am committed to this town’s future,” Broderick said in a news release announcing his candidacy.

Broderick, who has labeled himself “a supervisor for all of Lewiston,” said leadership needs to be committed to every corner of the town and noted the diverse nature of the town’s various corners with tightknit communities and individual needs.

“As supervisor, I will regularly host town hall meetings, three to four times a year, in different locations throughout Lewiston,” Broderick wrote. He said he will promote the need for transparency, and wants to reinvigorate the relationship between town and village officials.

He will seek the Republican, Conservative and Independence lines on the November ballot. As supervisor, he said, he would rein in spending and control taxes and would be pro-business and pro-economic growth.

Broderick, 49, a career law enforcement officer, said he was a staunch opponent of the New York SAFE Act and would ensure that the town joined county and state leaders in vigorous opposition to the gun-control law.

As a member of the Sheriff’s Office since 1991, Broderick has served in many roles, including road patrols, the Stolen Vehicle Task Force and the Accident Investigation Unit. He also headed the Civil Division, which is involved in reclaiming assets in civil proceedings. He currently serves on the road patrol midnight shift and is a member of the Underwater Recovery Team and coordinator of Project Lifesaver.

He also is the owner of a small business, Duckhook Golf.

Broderick said in his announcement that he has learned over his years in law enforcement that to get the best results, it takes a light touch, combined with dedicated oversight and follow-up. “The town residents – the taxpayers, need to know they have a partner at Town Hall who will do the follow-through and who is committed to a long-term vision of bettering the community,” he wrote. “Leaders must have a long-term vision, but their main job is to defend their communities and to protect their neighbors.”

In 2005, Broderick was named Law Enforcement Officer of the Year by the Judges and Police Executive Conference of Niagara County, as well as “Bravest in WNY” by WIVB-TV after he rescued a person from a burning vehicle.

Broderick and his wife, Sheila, have three children and have lived in Lewiston for nearly two decades.

He is a member of St. Peter Catholic Church, a member and past president of the Mount St. Mary’s Hospital and Health Center board of associates and runs the group’s annual pancake breakfast. He is a former member of the Niagara County Judges and Police Association and is active in events supporting the sisters of Sacred Heart Villa.

Broderick holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.