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Univera Healthcare seeks owners of unclaimed funds

Hundreds of people and health-care providers in Western New York are among more than 13,000 across the state who never cashed $2.6 million in checks issued by Univera Healthcare and its parent company in 2011.

People must claim the money by the end of August, after which the health insurer is required to turn anything left over to the state Comptroller’s Office.

The forgotten funds are claims or refunded premiums paid by the insurer, and issued as checks to people or companies, but never claimed, Art Wingerter, Univera’s president, said in a statement. Typically, that’s because the health plan member lost the check, moved without leaving a forwarding address or died.

Every April, the state requires health insurance companies to pull together a list of unclaimed checks that are at least three years old and post the members’ names in public legal notices. To find out if you have an unclaimed check, and for more information on how to claim a check, visit

All checks will be mailed to claimants after Aug. 31.