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Two hikers rescued in Niagara River gorge

NIAGARA FALLS, Ont. – Two hikers were helped to get off the headwall of the lower Niagara River Gorge near the Whirlpool by the High Angle River Team of the Niagara Parks Police late Wednesday afternoon.

The two women left the marked trails along the gorge and became stuck on the headwall below Thompson’s Point and felt they could not safely make their way back down the escarpment, according parks police. The High Angle River Team set up a fixed-rope pathway to a marked trail.

The two hikers left the gorge early Wednesday evening. They were not hurt.

Inspector Paul Forcier of the Parks Police said that while all hikers are welcome to enjoy the natural environment the parks area has to offer they must remember to stay on marked trails, hike in daylight with a friend, wear suitable shoes and clothing, bring a cell phone, tell someone where they are going, bring water and energy bars, know their physical limits and check on weather conditions before hiking.