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Letter: Pesticides, not cats, are killing many birds

Pesticides, not cats, are killing many birds

I have been reading the letters lately about how bad the practice of TNVR for community cats is and that it would be better if they were euthanized. That’s not true! I have been involved with the TNVR program of Feral Cat Focus for 10 years. I live on acreage in the country with barns and had to find a solution to the cat problem that irresponsible owners forced upon me when they dumped their unwanted cats.

I have nine barn cats. All have been through the FCF program and they live in harmony with my chickens and ducks every day. I also have six bluebird houses that are occupied every year and always have a few clutches going in them as well. I have bird feeders that attract many wonderful varieties of birds that we love to sit and enjoy.

As for diseases, all of my cats are retrapped and revaccinated when needed. There are many local vets who will do this for feral cats, so I am not alone in revaccinating. Many cats and dogs that are house pets go outside daily and run the same risk of contracting diseases if not taken care of.

If people are so concerned about the birds dying, maybe they should think twice about putting all those chemicals on their lawn to make it look pretty and treating the bugs that the birds pick out of that grass. I do not use any chemicals around my home or barn. I have outside pets and inside pets and plenty of wonderful birds to enjoy every day.

Liz Sugg

North Collins