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UB issues statement on treatment of animals used in research

Amid reports of animal rights activists hanging large banners along Buffalo area roadways denouncing the University at Buffalo for the alleged mistreatment of animals used in research at the school, University spokesman John Della Contrada said the school “insists on humane and ethical treatment of all animals used in research and education and adheres to all applicable federal, state and institutional laws and guidelines governing animal research.”

Della Contrada said the university’s animal research facility is fully accredited by the American Association for Accreditation for Laboratory Animal Care, an international peer group which he said sets “the gold standards of animal care.”

He said UB’s treatment of research animals “exceeds what is required by law.” He said the university provides extensive training and supervision of all personnel involved in animal care and noted animal research “has improved human and animal health and has alleviated global pain and suffered.

Della Contrada said at UB “some of the top researchers in the country are working toward better treatments for cancer, heart attacks and strokes using animal research.”