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Letter: Those demanding war rarely enlist and serve

Those demanding war rarely enlist and serve

The moment I decided to vote for President Obama back in 2008 was not during one of his great speeches in front of large numbers of people. It was one of those small-group speeches, where he’d sit on a piano stool, tie loosened, just talking to people. And he said something like: “Did you ever wonder why it isn’t a law that when Congress or the White House declare war or engage in some huge military action, that their kids go first? If their children are young and able, why isn’t it a law that their kids go first?” Talk about his faults all day long, there are plenty, but I like having someone in the White House who would say that.

Ask yourself: Did George W. and Laura Bush’s two daughters follow in their grandfather’s footsteps and go running down to the Army recruiting station on their 18th birthdays ready to go fight their father’s Iraq War alongside your kids? Your kids, who volunteered to serve with the best of intentions. Did I miss that sound bite?

Many years ago, while my neighbor was dying in a Vietnamese jungle, fighting another war justified by yet another lie, Bush was hanging at the Air Guard in Texas drinking beer with his buddies and Dick Cheney was taking a deferment, which is a good thing because the guy can’t even shoot at a duck without hurting somebody.

And now on talk radio all day long, the tea partyers are banging the war drum yet again, opposing and circumventing Obama’s attempts at peaceful coexistence with Iran.

The president negotiates instead of bombing, knowing that we watch from sky and ground and can take out Iranian systems at anytime, and that we’re totally devoted to Israel and our other allies. He might even remind himself that innocents die when America bombs. Imagine.

Ask yourself: Did Rush Limbaugh ever squeeze himself into an Army uniform? Ann Coulter? Sean Hannity? Maybe you don’t have to ask because you already know the answer.

Tony Colabello