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Letter: New NLRB rules level playing field

New NLRB rules level playing field

The headline of the April 10 Another Voice stated, “New NLRB rules mean businesses must be prepared.” Really? Be prepared for what?

For employees to actually have the ability to exercise the legal rights that they have been granted under federal law? To be able to have a fair union election? To not have to wait an excessively long period of time for that election to actually take place? To have the information and access to the bargaining unit that management has?

Yes, employers should really be prepared for that occurrence!

What would be the reason that employers really need a prolonged time to prepare for an election if not to intimidate, harass, coerce and threaten employees? Unions do not “contend” that employers do these things, we in fact know that these tactics are widely used. We have heard it from the employees over and over again.

Finally, one wonders why employers would want to curtail these efforts if for no other reason than to maintain total control over their workforce. Yes, employers be prepared or you may have “a unionized workforce sooner than you think.” We can only hope so!

Patrick M. Weisansal II

Director of Organizing

CWA, Local 1168