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Letter: Composting bodies is a horrifying idea

Composting bodies is a horrifying idea

As I was eating breakfast on April 14 while reading The News, my eyes fell on this headline: “A project to turn corpses into compost.” Immediately I had a visceral response that turned my stomach and made me want to run. Reluctantly, however, I forced myself to stay in my seat and read the first and last paragraphs. I couldn’t read the whole thing. The last paragraph said that “survivors could collect some of the compost to use as they saw fit, perhaps in their garden or to plant a tree.” How gruesome! I couldn’t believe it. This is happening today in our country?

However, because I saw that this was too great a matter to not face up to, after breakfast I read the whole article. It said that Urban Death facilities are proposed so that groups of human corpses can be processed together. It’s time to wake up, America. We can’t continue to let godless scientists, logisticians and politicians decide what happens to us. Man is demeaning man right into the grave!

Pamela L. Ezzo