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Letter: Children are the losers as School Board bickers

Children are the losers as School Board bickers

The recent outbreak of students brawling at a public school wasn’t surprising, as our Buffalo Board of Education members are setting a horrible example of division and insulting one another at their own meetings.

The mayor is obviously unqualified to “run” the schools, since he hasn’t had the guts to try to impose some civility and compromise on the Board of Education. As our board members act like 5-year-old brats, where is the adult supervision?

Our schools are adequately funded. The lack of good parenting of many students and the fact that half of Buffalo’s children live in poverty obviously adds to the reality that only one in four black males graduates from high school. Teachers sometimes seem more concerned with union benefits than their students’ learning.

The beginning of a solution is for our board to be reconciled, but no one seems to have the courage to act. Our schools continue to founder. Our children are the real losers.

Donald Blank