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Letter: State teachers union is biggest bully of all

State teachers union is biggest bully of all

Beware of the bully within our education system. The bully operates under the cloak of a collaborative group called the union. There are a number of bullies in the education system, the teachers have one and so do the administrators. The bully is both local and national, and controls all aspects of our education system. The bully is well-financed, organized and intent on getting its interests satisfied. The bully operates blatantly in the public forum. The bully gets what the bully wants.

Was our education system designed to be controlled by a bully? I doubt it. Can the interests of the children ever rise about the interests of the bully? The answer is no. The bully is outraged and will mobilize and attack any entity that dares question the status quo of the education system.

Clearly, any logical request for systematic improvement such as cost control efforts, staff accountability, open competition, increased work schedule, merit evaluations or independent oversight infuriates the bully.

Beware of the bully. It will take an enormous, powerful movement to quiet the bully. Can we do it?

Jeff Kohlman