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Letter: Proposal to have mayor control schools is a joke

Proposal to have mayor control schools is a joke

April Fools’ Day has come and gone, yet there are some folks still trying to play pranks on the good citizens of Buffalo. Why else would Assemblywoman Crystal Peoples-Stokes be advocating the takeover of Buffalo Public Schools by Mayor Byron Brown and his administration?

The duly elected Buffalo School Board may have its flaws, but the remedy to remove ineffective members is to simply vote them out of office. The idea that the mayor and his subordinates can do a better job of managing the juggernaut known as the Buffalo Public Schools is absurd.

Let’s not forget the gross mismanagement of the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority, the mishandling of HUD block grant funding (can anyone say One Sunset?) and, of course, the inability to clear snow from city-clogged streets for days on end.

I think that the proposal to let the mayor take control of Buffalo Public Schools is just a power grab in order to garner more patronage for his cronies.

Daniel Glowacki