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Letter: Mess with BMHA shows mayor isn’t up to the task

Mess with BMHA shows mayor isn’t up to the task

The suggestion that the mayor take control of the Buffalo Board of Education is an interesting development. What exactly does that mean? Assemblywoman Crystal Peoples-Stokes said, “the mayor will appoint board members so he can be accountable.” As I have said in the past, responsibility and accountability are not part of the political dictionary.

Mayor Byron Brown has yet to take responsibility for problems that have placed the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority on the brink of receivership. The mayor has the responsibility of appointing five of the seven commissioners who sit on the board, who then approve the hiring of the executive director. The board is also responsible for policy and approving expenditures of the authority. So through those appointments and the chairman, also director of finance for the city, Brown basically has control of the Housing Authority board as he would of the Board of Education members.

That being true, the mayor has not lived up to his responsibilities. He has refused to accept that responsibility by not reacting to the problem. The problem being the executive staff and board members who have approved resolutions and spending that placed the authority in this situation. The mayor needs to take swift and positive action through his appointed commissioners before HUD places the BMHA in receivership.

Joe Mascia

Elected Commissioner, BMHA