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Letter: Qualified candidates right under our noses

Qualified candidates right under our noses

As the Buffalo School Board wrestles with the myriad of problems, the most important decision it will be making is the hiring of a new superintendent.

As as a former member of the Erie County Medical Center board of managers in the early ’90s, we faced a critical crossroad – our CEO resigned amid speculation of sale or closing.

We hired a headhunting firm to conduct a national search. After interviewing several highly qualified candidates, all from out of town, we ended up finding our own. A Buffalo guy, Paul Candino, who at the time was CEO of Wyoming County Community Hospital, was just what the doctor ordered!

Enter Gregory D. Mott. Mott was recently recognized by The Buffalo News in its Viewpoints section as one of 2014’s Outstanding Citizens.

Buffalo raised and educated, he currently is the principal at the highly regarded Grabiarz School of Excellence, having taken it from one of the worst to one of the best.

This is just the type of leadership Buffalo badly needs. Someone who has worked in many of the district’s schools and has obviously taken what he has learned and applied it to the Grabiarz School. Now let him bring these lessons to the rest of the district.

Like the ECMC board and more recently, Canalside, more often than not, the answer to our problems is right under our noses!

Thomas P. Mullen