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Letter: Money and politics play major role in city schools

Money and politics play major role in city schools

I feel compelled to bring to light another perspective to the “failing school” comments, accusations and “solutions” that have been presented to the public.

As a mother with three children, ranging in age from 4 to 17, in the Buffalo Public Schools, as a resident of Buffalo who lives in a diverse neighborhood and sees miscarriage of justice on a daily basis, and as an organizer who works with community members to uplift voices that see, hear and experience these injustices, I feel the need to put into words not only my thoughts, but also the research and thoughts of those who stand by the public school system.

We know the district is struggling, but we also know that money and politics play a major role, and a much stronger one than the community of parents, teachers and students who have come forth as of late.

Jennifer Mecozzi

Director of Community Organizing