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Fifty's nifty, but 60? Not so fast.

By the end of March, the mercury hits 50 degrees in Buffalo an average of 11 times.

This year it has but twice.

Thursday's National Weather Service forecast promises to log number three on the year with a high temperature pegged for 56 degrees. Then, the forecast shows the temperature goes right back into the cooler until early next week.

We're still waiting for our first 60-degree day this year. And, there's little on the horizon to indicate it's coming soon.

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The thermometer makes to 60 degrees by April Fools' Day about 80 percent of the time, according to a review of the Buffalo weather record books dating back to the 1870s.

Last year, it happened on April 1. The mercury made it all the way to 68 degrees that day.

Before 2014, the last time Buffalo had to wait as long into the year for a 60-degree day was 1980, when it took until April 7.

The average date for Buffalo to log its first 60-degree day of the year is March 4.

Of those 27 out of 135 total years that took all the way until the month of April to get to the 60-degree mark, more than half finally struck it by the end of the month's first week, National Weather Service data shows:

1st week of April 17 times
2nd week of April 5 times
3rd week of April 3 times
4th week of April twice


Here are the Top Ten latest dates it hit 60-degrees in Buffalo:

Longest April 25, 1936
2nd longest April 24, 1926
3rd longest April 20, 1881
4th longest April 19, 1885
5th longest April 18, 1940
6th longest April 14, 1908
7th longest April 12, 1896
8th longest April 9, 1941
9th longest April 9, 1931
10th longest April 9, 1915




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