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Letter: DA’s explanations really don’t cut it

DA’s explanations really don’t cut it

I’m just wondering about some items in The News in the last year or so.

So let me get this straight. A road-rage incident on the Youngmann Highway was recorded on a cellphone. The driver was found and charged appropriately. Good work by law enforcement.

A vehicle hit a house, partially knocking it off its foundation. The vehicle was found, with blood in it, but no charges were filed because the police couldn’t prove who the driver was. Is DNA used only in cop shows?

A pedestrian was run over and left for dead. The vehicle was found, but nobody was charged because the district attorney couldn’t prove who was driving, even though the grand jury was ready to indict the prime suspect.

A baby was murdered in an apartment with only two adults present, but no charges were filed because authorities couldn’t prove who did it. How about charging both of them?

Perhaps the Erie County district attorney can give some better answers than he has so far. Just wondering.

I’m figuring the Youngmann driver was naively honest and admitted he was the driver.

Jeff Miller