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Poem of the Week by Edric Mesmer

By Edric Mesmer

Also: the turn away from

coterie; the wan-slung

gallery, with whale’s bones

made apothecary’s

curio –

Grant trace

obligatory lime and fossil

soldiering artifice read

for society lest

a stitch of crossbow cross

the flagstones’ manse

and tell the house

elect that a-

kin to purvey’s


there must be marvel’s quota

fond of fawn and copse

and nymphine issue

– none recital

nor vogue for notion

in contemporaneity

heeds a shelf

in atrophy

heads a deadening


as gesturative palm gone impassionedly to forehead

to rarity of brow

seated against an opprobrium on brow

where, seated, grapes of toe emerge

from marble

thrown as dice thrown

Elgin – globular

foot of Sappho

EDRIC MESMER will read from his Outriders Poetry Project prize-winning collection “of monodies and homophony” at 5:30 p.m. April 10 at the Burchfield Penney Art Center as part of the M&T Second Friday Series. He works as a cataloger at the University at Buffalo poetry collection, and is founder, publisher and collator of the small international literary journal Yellow Field.