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Letter: Kudos to students for taking a stand

Kudos to students for taking a stand

Being against the trend of political correctness that is currently being brainwashed into the minds of our children, I felt a great sense of pride and hope when the students of Lancaster took a stand against the School Board for removing our mascot.

It is my opinion the current board president is an absolute fool. His published comments compare students and taxpayers to the felons he boasts to have put behind bars for 37 years as an administrative law judge. He and the rest of the board fail to realize the students and taxpayers are not inmates and have minds of their own. We do not need them to tell us how to think or what to believe. We live in a democracy.

It is also apparent to me that the majority of the parents and teachers of Lancaster are doing a much better job of preparing their children and students for the real world that awaits them than the powers that be had anticipated.

I only wish I had children of that age. I would have encouraged them to stand up for their beliefs, whether for or against our mascot. They are our future and it is a credit to them that they are taking a stand for their beliefs.

Gene Krug