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Letter: It’s sad to see mascot dividing community

It’s sad to see mascot dividing community

The impact of the Lancaster “Redskins” controversy is both divisive and damaging. In spite of the woeful economic struggle in Buffalo, it seems we always had community and compromise. In the decades I’ve lived here, I have never seen a boycotting of a youth sporting event vying one town against another. What, have we become Balkans?

Further, I have not a single memory in seven decades of living in the region where “Redskins” was used in a pejorative sense. Perhaps this word had some alternative meaning in the 18th century Western frontier, but it clearly had no such meaning in the 20th century New York in which I lived.

On the contrary, Native Americans are one of the most highly respected people. The region is steeped in American Indian names for towns, landmarks and geologic sites, not to mention their contribution as an engine of economic growth.

We live with these names, contributions and cultural traditions as they are a part of all of us. As well, the name “Redskin” is part and parcel of Lancaster, not in some malicious way but as part of a local cultural being.

Dolores Fialkiewicz