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Letter: Governor is acting like schoolyard bully

Governor is acting like schoolyard bully

With so much emphasis being placed on identifying and curbing bullies in schools and even the adult workplace, I am wondering how the media have neglected to recognize the perfect example found directly in Albany. By definition, the locker or lunch room bully typically threatens, taunts, demeans and puts down a weaker figure. This narcissistic, self-centered individual relishes in a position of power and domination with scare empathy.

So, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, make yourself proud and show what a real bully can do to a weak sister like public education. You constantly threaten teachers’ jobs with diagnostic standardized test scores that demonstrate minimal validity. School districts are presently at an impasse, deadlocked in their projected budgets, because you taunt them by withholding state funds until they play by your rules. A day doesn’t go by that you don’t belittle or deride teachers and the job they are struggling to perform.

What are you trying to accomplish or prove? You’re the bully on the block all the kids try to avoid because your pleasure lies within their grief.

Peter V. Tonsoline