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Letter: Developmentally delayed need more group homes

Developmentally delayed need more group homes

As a parent/legal guardian/sole provider and caregiver of a developmentally delayed 20-year-old, I urge the addition of $30 million in funding for people living at home with aging caregivers, especially 24/7 residential opportunities for the 6,500 individuals seeking housing. Without this funding, our developmentally delayed adults will have no place to go when we are no longer able to care for them.

Many of these individuals are unable to safely take care of themselves and/or make mature, wise and informative decisions because of their level of understanding. Without group homes and supervised environments, these individual are being set up for failure, sickness and homeless shelters. This is not where they deserve to be!

We are pleading for the public’s awareness of this situation and of the lack of residential and job opportunities that are available for our loved ones. We ask that this funding is made available to them. In addition, we request that the Assembly and Senate include agreed to “People First” language in the final enacted budget.

Lynn Nyitrai