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Letter: Cuomo ‘reforms’ attack entire education system

Cuomo ‘reforms’ attack entire education system

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s attack isn’t limited to teachers, it’s an all-out assault on our entire public education system. The so-called reforms he’s proposing increase the charter cap, provide a way for wealthy donors to funnel $100 million in taxpayer dollars to private schools, and provide far less aid for public schools than virtually every education expert agrees is necessary and constitutionally mandated.

The March 13 News editorial on this topic ignores the fact that public schools are still owed almost $6 billion in state aid to comply with the Campaign for Fiscal Equity lawsuit. That amount would simply allow schools to provide the constitutionally mandated “sound, basic education.” Knowing that, the $377 million Cuomo is proposing “just to keep doing the same things” doesn’t sound so great now.

Public schools are there for everyone. We need to make them work for everyone before we pay one more minute of attention to creating a whole new privately run education system in New York.

Vianca Morales