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Wobble stool provides mobility while seated

Looking for an innovative way to sit at a desk or countertop? The Wobble Stool uses a weighted base that allows any seated person to lean forward, or backward, or in any direction while maintaining their balance. This tilting and rocking function gives an opportunity to “move” while working rather than sitting perfectly still.

Given the many recent studies about the potential health risks of prolonged sitting, the stool could be a way to move around a bit while seated.

It can also be a way for young kids and teenagers to expel their extra energy while needing to be focused.

Our youngsters like to sit on the stool and wobble around or push their feet up against a nearby wall, making the Wobble Stool by far the most popular seat in our house.

Because the seat also swivels 360 degrees, it provides yet another way for kids to move about while seated, kind of like giving them a short brain break while working on their homework.

The height of the stool is adjustable from 23 to 33 inches, using just a simple push-button under the seat. The seat also comes with extra cushioning, which is fantastic when compared to the hard top of a wooden stool. The Wobble Stool comes in three colors – black, red and blue – and can be purchased for $159.99 through My only complaint was slight difficulty in first putting the stool together, but, after that, it’s been all smooth wobbling!