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Mike Harrington’s NHL Power Rankings for March 29

(Through Friday night’s games, last week in parenthesis)

1. New York Rangers. Amazing job by Talbot while the King was sidelined. (4)

2. Montreal Canadiens. Getting carried Hasek-style by Price. (2)

3. Anaheim Ducks. Still seem vulnerable in postseason. (1)

4. St. Louis Blues. It’s all about them winning in the postseason. (3)

5. Nashville Predators. Win over Sabres helped reverse slide. (6)

6. Tampa Bay Lightning. Stamkos represented lots of guys with beatdown of Marchand. (5)

7. Chicago Blackhawks. Playing well without Kane but scrambling to avoid wild-card. (7)

8. Minnesota Wild. Have cut post-AS break deficit to Blackhawks from 16 points to one. (12)

9. New York Islanders. Just 3-5-2 in last 10 to end Metro title hopes. (8)

10. Pittsburgh Penguins. Hard to understand no-shows like loss in Carolina. (9)

11. Detroit Red Wings. Fun game coming Sunday on Long Island. (10)

12. Washington Capitals. Not just Ovi. Great year for Backstrom too. (11)

13. Vancouver Canucks. Don’t know if Miller will be back for first round of playoffs. (13)

14. Winnipeg Jets. Myers: 13 points in 47 games with Sabres, 12 points in first 18 in True North. (14)

15. Los Angeles Kings. Can you imagine if they won the lottery and got McDavid? (17)

16. Calgary Flames. Closer to Kings than wild-cards. (16)

17. Boston Bruins. See Kings. Double imagine that. (15)

18. Ottawa Senators. You wonder if the Hamburglar will run out of gas or just break down. (18)

19. Florida Panthers. At Ottawa on Sunday, at Boston on Tuesday. Two massive games. (20)

20. Dallas Stars. Blanked in Edmonton after Lindy took team curling. (22)

21. San Jose Sharks. Two games left with Coyotes. Disinterest could help the Sabres’ tank. (19)

22. Colorado Avalanche. Overachieved last year, underachieved this year. (21)

23. Columbus Blue Jackets. Seven straight road wins, including road domination against Chicago. (25).

24. Philadelphia Flyers. Simmonds injury last blow to a lost season. (24)

25. New Jersey Devils. Utter mediocrity. (23)

26. Carolina Hurricanes. See Devils. Not much to say. (26)

27. Toronto Maple Leafs. What’s worse: Organizational tanking or the players quitting? (27)

28. Edmonton Oilers. Not so tanky: Got Hall back, won’t finish 30th. (28)

29. Arizona Coyotes. Tankier: Who knew there were so many Coyotes fans in Buffalo (wink-wink)? (29)

30. Buffalo Sabres. Tankiest: Thursday was an all-time franchise low moment. (30)

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