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Letter: Access to family planning would ease much suffering

Access to family planning would ease much suffering

Regarding the March 22 Viewpoints article, “U.S. Catholics embrace pope’s call to strengthen family,” it is good to see some positive changes being made by the new pope. However, there is nothing stated about the real diabolical problems created by rules that should have been eliminated years ago. It is well-known that more than 20,000 children die each day from disease and starvation.

Millions of refugees try to escape Third World countries that, due to the lack of birth control or family planning agencies, result in conditions unfit for the resulting burgeoning population. The Catholic Church pressures these governments to ensure the absence of these agencies. This doesn’t even touch on the inane thinking that church leaders can live without sexually intimate relationships in their life.

It is time that Catholics realize their rejection of the “throwaway culture” is not the concern about abortion but the proliferation of masses of people of all ages having no chance for a decent life. The world just cannot handle an increasing population due to rules that lack simple common sense.

David F. Baker