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It seems to us: Obamacare foe – and friend, Stefan’s grand gesture and reviving a landmark

This is too delicious. People can have differences on the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, and some who oppose it may even feel they have no choice but to accept its benefits. That’s fine. Life can be complicated.

But when you are U.S. senator, and one who has practically made a career out of bashing the law, calling for its repeal, even shutting the government down over it, then it’s fair to expect that said critic would avoid signing up for its benefits at all costs, isn’t it?

Ted Cruz doesn’t care. The loose cannon from Texas this week defended his decision to take the benefits on the grounds that he obeys the law, even if he detests the government that wrote it. Cruz could buy coverage directly from an insurer, but it would cost him thousands of dollars more than Obamacare. So he will continue to rail against Obamacare while it saves him money.

Nor is Cruz alone in his hypocrisy. Kansas Rep. Tim Huelskamp – chairman of the tea party caucus in the House of Representatives, no less – is also enrolled for coverage. Neither of them, it seems, is worried about the death panels.

And speaking of loony … What came over Erie County Comptroller Stefan I. Mychajliw Jr.? He announced, grandly, that he won’t be running for Erie County executive next year and will “1,000 percent” support fellow Republican Christopher L. Jacobs for the post.

Only thing is, Jacobs hasn’t said he’s running. He might, of course, but this is a poor way to make friends.

Great news from Buffalo’s East Side: The old Broadway Theatre is making a comeback. A group of African-Americans working in media bought the vacant building seven years ago, but had no luck funding a backer to help restore it.

Now, developer Carl Paladino has stepped up and plans to help the group rescue the grand old Beaux Arts building at 512 Broadway. It’s not time for taking bows yet, but it’s curtain up on an exciting and worthwhile effort.