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March Madness: more snow

Downtown Buffalo looked like the inside of a snow globe again Friday afternoon.

It didn't fall with into the teeth of single-digit cold that brought March in like a lion, but it was anything but a warm and fuzzy lamb.

Up to a half-inch of snow is expected to fall through the rest of the day with at least another inch of snow expected Saturday, according to National Weather Service forecasts.

With the 1.2 inches that fell Thursday, Buffalo passed the 110-inch mark for the season.

Today's half-inch will tie it for 20th place on the all-time list for snowiest recorded winters in Buffalo history.

Snowfall at Buffalo, 1870-2015 (National Weather Service)

Snowfall at Buffalo, 1870-2015 (National Weather Service)


Despite the second winter in a row with more than 100 inches of snow, which is above-average for the season, Buffalo currently stands in fourth-place on the nationwide list of snowiest cities with more than 100,000 population, according to

Tops on the list, bolstered by the still relatively wide-open waters of Lake Ontario, is Syracuse, with 119.1 inches as of Friday.

Here's the Top Ten:

1. Syracuse, 119.1"

2. Lowell, Mass., 118.5"

3. Worcester, Mass., 116.8"

4. Buffalo, 110.8"

5. Boston, Mass., 110.3"

6. Erie, Pa., 104.6" (the 2013-14 champion)

7. Rochester, 99.5"

8. South Bend, Ind., 83.9"

9. Grand Rapids, Mich., 77.9"

10. Providence, R.I., 75.1"


Rain and snow is also likely Sunday and Monday with additional chances Monday night and Tuesday as temperatures remain largely below normal in Buffalo for this time of the year.

It's hardly unusual to have snow on March 27 - 1.4 inches fell on the date just two years ago - but it can also be an awful lot warmer.

Here's a look at the high temperatures for the last 30 years in Buffalo on March 27 (starting with 2014 and continuing backward in time to 1985): 46, 40, 48, 28, 49, 58, 45, 68, 46, 50, 48, 56, 36, 32, 56, 52, 70, 51, 29, 47, 47, 56, 39, 70, 31, 75, 42, 56, 47, 71.




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