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March 27, 1985: First salvo in Buffalo weatherman war?

Through the '60s and '70s, Kevin O’Connell was a popular Buffalo disc jockey and TV weatherman before he moved to Los Angeles in the '80s and then back home to Buffalo in the '90s.

In the time that O’Connell was out west, his mother, Bea, appeared in a weather promo for the man who sat in the Channel 4 weathercaster seat once occupied by her son.

The spot showed Mrs. O’Connell and several other women praising Don Paul as he dined in a restaurant.

In the years since, O’Connell and Paul have had a sometimes publicly contentious relationship, taking each other to task at various times in various internet venues.

Also in this edition of Alan Pergament’s On the Air, Channel 29 movie host Linda Pellegrino turns down an offer from Playboy magazine, and Buffalo’s Tom Fontana keeps on writing hits in Hollywood.

"Fontana cooks up a meaty show"

"In the promo, Mrs. O’Connell goes up to Paul and praises him. 'My son is in the business, too,' she adds."

25 mar 1985 Don Paul Linda Pellegrini

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