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Letter: Many don’t want to face the truth on racial issues

Many don’t want to face the truth on racial issues

In response to the letter, “Let’s promote the truth, celebrate common ground,” I applaud the writer’s desire to live in truth and harmony. What I have a problem with is America’s distortion of the truth. Let’s face it; the truth has never been told.

Which is the reason “Selma” came to light, via the media. I appreciate the writer calling Martin Luther King and his colleagues patriots in a time when they had no rights. Men who had served this country during war time, but still could not vote, or live in a certain neighborhood, or earn a fair wage.

And, no, “Selma” should not have taken a misstep in its portrayal of President Lyndon Johnson, but what about the continued portrayal of young African-American men in America today?

I am appalled every day about the racial undertones toward our current president. Where is the political correctness? There certainly has been a lot of propaganda about him and his family. Many have been so disrespectful to our commander in chief.

So I say, yes, let’s promote truth and share facts, because the truth should and does matter.

Eugenia Washington