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Letter: Board made right choice in abandoning nickname

Board made right choice in abandoning nickname

I believe the Lancaster School Board made the right decision to abandon its school mascot name. Although I don’t think the residents of Lancaster harbor any hatred or prejudice toward Native Americans, the name belongs to them, not the school.

It seems safe to assume the mascot name was adopted by the school system 70 years ago for its image of aggressiveness to project team toughness. Isn’t that how Indians were portrayed in history books back then? Perhaps an honest assessment, but then the white man had few scruples about land ownership and also brought diseases from Europe that the natives had never been exposed to.

Regardless of the reason the name was chosen, what matters is how Native Americans perceive the use of the name. Their feelings are more important than a mascot name used for a sport team. A Lancaster resident asked why, after so many years, are there objections to the name now? Possibly because the Indians didn’t feel they had the ability to influence change until now.

Judy Catalano