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$2 million in drugs found in South Buffalo bedroom

A 911 call about a family dispute led Buffalo police to a South Buffalo home this week where they found 32 kilos of suspected cocaine and fentanyl with an estimated value of at least $2 million in Shirley Grigsby’s bedroom.

That, in turn, led police to Niagara Falls where they seized a rental car linked to her alleged boyfriend, Maulana Lucas, with nearly $100,000 in cash in the trunk.

Grigsby and Lucas, both 41, were ordered held for the grand jury Friday following a felony hearing before Buffalo City Court Judge JaHarr Pridgen.

Both were arrested Monday after officers found two duffle bags filled with 24 kilos of suspected cocaine and one duffle bag containing eight kilos of suspected fentanyl in Grigsby’s first-floor bedroom on Folger Street, according to prosecutors.

They are being held without bail on one count of first-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance, an A-1 felony that carries a maximum prison sentence of 25 years to life.

During Friday’s hearing, Detective Shawn D. Adams of the Buffalo Police Department’s Narcotics Unit testified that he arrived at the Folger Street home shortly after 6 p.m. Monday after he was notified that officers had found drugs there.

He said Grigsby lived at the Folger Street address with her sister and brother-in-law. He said he was told that someone had called 911 about a family dispute at the home.

Adams testified that he saw one duffle bag on the bed in Grigsby’s bedroom, while the other two were in her closet.

A photo of Lucas was on the night stand, and a box of checkbooks with Lucas’ name on the checks was found in the bedroom, along with male clothing in the dresser, he said.

In the dining room, police found a resumé and credit card statements, all with Lucas’ name on them and the Folger Street address, he said.

Adams said Niagara Falls police were asked to pick up Lucas, who reportedly lived on Niemel Drive.

Niagara Falls Detective Patrick Hennegan said they located Lucas in a rental car in Cayuga Village trailer park, and he was turned over to Buffalo police, along with the car, which he had rented.

Buffalo police searched the car and found three bags, including one containing $99,980 in cash in the trunk, Adams said.

Meanwhile, police had taken Grigsby to the A District police station on South Park Avenue where Detective Thomas McCarthy said he interviewed her and took a statement.

In that statement, Grigsby said she knew that the bags were in her bedroom and that they contained drugs but that she never looked in the bags, Assistant District Attorney Christopher J. Belling told the court.

She also said Lucas put two of the bags in her closet about two weeks ago and later put the other one under the bed.