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1888: Should new East Side market be built on Broadway or Walden?

The Broadway Market is a landmark in the East Side, linked by its very name to the street upon which it stands.

But before the market was built, debate raged about whether the market should go in its current location on Broadway -- or on Walden Avenue.

"War! Raging in East Buffalo over the market site -- hot talk," read the headline on the front page of The Buffalo Evening News on June 8, 1888.

"Walden Avenue is a comparatively new district," says the article. "Broadway is one of the oldest streets in the city. People living on the latter street naturally feel that the market should go where it would be most convenient for those who have long waited for it and who also feel that Broadway is the leading thoroughfare of the East Side."

Today we know the outcome of that debate, of course, but on that date in 1888, The News carried the opinion of citizens still weighing in. The results of the interviews conducted are likely biased, as The News chose to conduct them at businesses along a stretch of Broadway, but they are still interesting to read.

Said Warren Granger: "The very best site should be chosen, the most easy of access. If the Walden avenue site is chosen all the streets about there will have to be paved."

And Philip Kuhles: "Well, I don't believe in putting the market out in the country. I go for having it where the population is and is likely to be. I say by all means the market should be on Broadway."

And W.F. Wendt of the Buffalo Forge Co.: "As a perfectly disinterested person, I favor Broadway. How are they going to get to Walden avenue? It's out of the way, and the streets are not paved. Nobody lives around there."

Click on the link below to see a PDF of the page and read many more opinions from Buffalo residents of the time.

Buffalo Evening News: June 8, 1888

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