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March 26, 1985: Comparing grocery store disc film prices

In 1985, Kodak disc film was all the rage, even though the resulting prints were often grainy when developed by anyone other than Kodak developers with special equipment.

Each disc of film held 15 exposures. The grocery store with the cheapest disc film this week 30 years ago was Tops at $3.99. Bells was most expensive at $4.99, and Wegmans came in at $4.44.

Super Duper didn’t list film in its ad, but it did have Genesee cans and Faygo Red Pop on sale. I mention this, because disc film and Faygo Red Pop were seemingly always on Grandma Cichon’s shopping list.

25 mar 1985 bells films

25 mar 1985 tops film devel

25 mar 1985 Tops Films sale

25 mar 1985 wegmans film

25 mar 1985 super duper faygo and genesee

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