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Letter: Shea’s is a precious gem in Buffalo’s lovely crown

Shea’s is a precious gem in Buffalo’s lovely crown

The new, more powerful version of “Phantom of the Opera” would not be at Shea’s Performing Arts Center to delight 3,000 patrons at each of its presentations if a rugged few had not occupied the unheated fortress and saved Shea’s from the wrecking ball.

The citizens prevailed, the volunteers led the charge and Patrick Fagan guided the salvation. The loyal came, gave high acclaim and the lights grew brighter. Then, the bus terminal was relocated, the police station was removed and Shea’s became the most complimented stagehouse in the nation. Local architects and construction specialists accomplished this difficult task.

Tony Conte, Shea’s current president, has expertly guided renovations to the complex, including air conditioning, seating and the outstanding sound system.

A couple of season tickets support the program and give you a chance to experience a show that you ordinarily might pass by. We truly are fortunate for the sponsors and should never take this treasure for granted.

Ron Bates