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Letter: Political correctness is being taken too far

Political correctness is being taken too far

We are all aware of the controversy surrounding the Lancaster “Redskins.” Most sports fans are also familiar with the National Football League’s Washington Redskins and the team’s owner, Dan Snyder. Snyder is adamant about keeping his current team name, and I applaud him for taking a stance.

How many of us have thought about other Native American names? The Kansas City Chiefs have the letters “KC” inside the depiction of an Indian arrowhead. In Major League Baseball, the Cleveland Indians’ team symbol is a smiling Indian with a feather in his headband. The Atlanta Braves’ team symbol is the letter “A” and the word “Braves,” accompanied by the image of an Indian tomahawk. Are these offensive also?

Whatever anyone says can be deemed to be offensive or racist to someone or some group. This world is in a sorry state. We can no longer keep our long-standing names, symbols and traditions because of public sensitivities.

William Belz