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Letter: It’s great to see spotlight on school success stories

It’s great to see spotlight on school success stories

The March 19 News article on the BOCES annual fashion show featured student attainment in textile and fashion in the apparel field worthy of our top fashion designers. My compliments to the Erie 1 BOCES fashion and design students and teachers for this outstanding accomplishment. What a wonderful example of synthesizing information, utilizing knowledge, working cooperatively and applying critical thinking skills in a real-world teaching and learning opportunity shared with the entire community.

What I found especially intriguing was the picture of the jacket design featured below the runway photo. Every plaid was matched! This is no easy accomplishment. The student needed knowledge of the elements and principles of design while creating a garment incorporating body shape, garment style, matching every plaid, not to mention using that fabulous mauve and lime green fabric.

As a former home economics/FACS teacher, I know what it takes to teach about textiles and construction techniques. You need to be a mathematician as well as have a handle on the most recent fashion technology. This garment is part of the student’s portfolio and can be used to document one of her many learning experiences on her pathway to the fashion industry.

The News needs to feature more of these great success stories about theatrical productions, elaborate sets and garments created by these incredible students. This is what real education reform is about.

Linda Ulrich-Hagner

East Aurora