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Letter: Governor is on right track with educational reforms

Governor is on right track with educational reforms

The News editorial endorsing Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s educational reforms was right on. Teachers should be evaluated and students should take tests.

As the governor pointed out, in spite of receiving the highest per capita student state spending, 27 schools in the Buffalo District are failing, but the state teachers’ union still has an insatiable appetite for more money. Shameful! I know a teacher’s job is not easy today because too many parents are not fulfilling their duty in this regard and leaving it up to the teachers to do it all. That’s not right.

But as far as testing is concerned, students must take tests. How are they going to master a subject unless they review the semester’s work and are tested to see if they indeed learned the subject? To allow them to opt out and read a book while the other students are taking the test is ridiculous.

It’s too bad we lost Robert Bennett as a Regent. He had the know-how. As the editorial said, the governor has to “stick to his guns.”

Richard D. Grisanti